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The GoGo Glider

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Exceptional taste demands exceptional design, quality and functionality.

In your hands you hold an amazing work of art to be used with care and respect, just like a woman should be treated. Our luxury stainless steel model is made of:
~ high grade platinum cured medical grade silicone, in Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid
~ 301 medical grade stainless steel,
~ hand polished to a brilliant smoothness,creating an orgasmic combination and sensation never before experienced.
~ The ends are intricatley machined to come apart for easy cleaning


Expertly designed to honor the sleek and individually unique silhouette and contour of a woman's body. The Go-Go Glider fulfills the special, individual needs of a woman with it's smooth, no-pinch design to insure a highly intense, erotic experience. 

Purchase our products with confidence, knowing that we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products that are:

Phthalate Free | Latex Free | Non-Porous | Heavy Metal Free | Arsenic Free | Formaldehyde Free | Lead Paint Free | BPA Free | Paraben Free | 2-Butoxyethanol Free | Hypoallergenic | Non-toxic | Odorless | Body Safe


Created out of a woman's sexual health and wellness need that was difficult to achieve... an orgasm. The Go-Go Glider was created out of the need for women to "go" and to go intensely by being stimulated in a ground-breaking, unique way. In addition to the increased ability to have an orgasm and unique experience, the Go-Go Glider aids in creating stronger female orgasms with the dual ability to be used as a kegel exerciser.


The Go-Go Glider is unique in it's design as it is made to be used in extreme intimacy with your partner. There are unlimited movement combinations that can be used based upon the woman's specific desire. Communication, exploring, and learning are key to your extreme pleasure with the Go-Go Glider. Our goal is to bridge the gap of disconnect often experienced with other dildo sex toys (which have only one function) by bringing the need for communication and extreme closeness into the experience.

 View the GO-GO Glider in Action
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