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Bliss Silicone Hybrid Lube

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  • HYBRID FORMULA: Water-based, with the bonus of 5% Silicone! We've combined the best qualities of both water and silicone lubricants to create the best of both worlds in our elite lubricant.
  • LONG LASTING FOR EXTENDED PLEASURE: When you use Bliss Hybrid, you don't have to worry about constantly reapplying because our lube was specifically formulated to be long lasting. This 8oz is going to go a lot ways!!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SILKY FEEL: With Bliss Hybrid, you can experience the comfort provided by water based lubes to help you enjoy maximum pleasure.
  • Easy Dispensing: With a handy pump on top, you don't have to fumble around trying to figure out how to get the damn this open!!
  • High end look and feel: Unlike other lubricants, we have specifically designed our bottle packaging with the customer in mind. Bliss Hybrid not only feels exquisite, it looks like it too.
  • Easy clean up: with only 5% silicone, It's way easier to wash up, and off, of toys too!
  • Bliss is proudly Canadian. Bottled in Canada, made in the USA. 8oz pump Top!