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Well, this is quite a #milestone for us at NoMoreWetSpot! 10 years! That's 1000's of mattresses saved, ten's of thousands less loads of laundry, and a whole lot of happy customers!

To mark this grand occasion we've added a new colour, Hot Pink / Grey.
Now, they are not in stock yet, but they are set to reach Vancouver Port on Dec 4 (yeah covid shipping delays)

We know, that's going to be cutting it close for Christmas delivery. But we have our T's crossed, our i's dotted, our fingers crossed, and with a little bit of luck on our side we'll pull it off!

We ship out of Alberta using CanadaPost/USPS. Expedited Parcel in Canada and Tracked Package to the USA. If you've ordered before, you'll know that we pride ourselves on getting our orders out usually same day. Go ahead, place your orde,r and and we'll ship them out as soon as they get to our facility!

Available in the same 3 sizes as our other colours.

  • 30" X 36" Mini, as a two pack or a single
  • 50" X 60" Regular
  • 60" X 84 " Jumbo (Queen 5' X 7')

Cheers and have a great day!

Lano Tondu