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July 11, 2106. Shipping and the CanadaPost strike/lockout

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With Canada Post set to go into a lockout, what will that mean for orders placed at NoMoreWetSpot?
Sadly, as NoMoreWetSpot ships via Canada post exclusively, orders placed on the website will not be shipped until the strike/lockout is over. Customers who complete a purchase at this time will be notified of this and will have the option to cancel their order.





Things we've overheard while doing the Sex Shows

Calgary 2013. Ohhh, it's for the Lady River! Oh, it's a "fucking" blanket OMG, now you don't have to worry about making a mess! One guy in Toronto said that we should approach the CSI show because "you could roll up a body in it and not have it leak all over"... Red Deer Taboo show. Two girls looking [...]

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Some funny and heartfelt comments to a contest we held.

The Taboo Show facebook page just gave away one of our blankets in a Christmas draw (2014). Below is a compilation of some of the more amusing comments and occasionally our reply. Starting with the lady who won! Hope you enjoy! There are so many reasons that I need this sheet! 1) A microfiber couch is really [...]

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Our Story (AKA How did you come up with this!?!)

  Once upon a time, I thought squirting was something only pornstars did. Oh sure, just like you, I knew about the wetspot. Hell, everyone knows about the wetspot! No one wanted to have to sleep in it… so and so left a huge one when “insert high school legend here” fucked her… blah blah [...]

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