The Waterproof Blankets

Whether you're trying to keep something dry, or trying to protect yourself from something, this is the solution!
After years of arguing over who gets the “WetSpot” after sex we decided to do something about it. We’ve come up with this 100% Polyester waterproof blanket that is made with a “cool dry” fleece. in 2012, I came up with this design, specifically designed to catch fluids from sex, lube and massage oils. Anything you can wash out of a regular blanket will wash out of this! The 50” X 60” size makes it a great fit for any surface, be it bed, couch, chair, backseat of the car or anywhere else your sex adventure takes you. It’s not bulky and can sit anywhere inconspicuously, cleverly disguised as a throw blanket. The unique bonding process brings together a soft luxurious feel with rugged durability and easy wash ability. The waterproof barrier between the two layers keep you away from your surfaces and your surfaces dry as you play, and once you’ve had your fun, just throw it in the wash and put it away till next time. The material is essentially "one" layer so there is no tendency for it to slide around on itself or become unmanageable when it comes out of the washing machine or dryer. We recommend hanging it to dry or tumble dry on medium heat only.