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Things we've overheard while doing the Sex Shows

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  • Calgary 2013. Ohhh, it's for the Lady River!
  • Oh, it's a "fucking" blanket
  • OMG, now you don't have to worry about making a mess!
  • One guy in Toronto said that we should approach the CSI show because "you could roll up a body in it and not have it leak all over"...
  • Red Deer Taboo show. Two girls looking at the fountain. This would be good for work! I say "Excuse me, what do you do? We have sold them for a lot of different reasons" She looked me square in the eye and said "I suck dick"
  • If you draw my name for the free blanket, we can test it out!
  • When they saw our fountain display, built using one of the blankets. "I could use it as a pond liner or a fishtank!"
  • Would this work for my boyfriend? He gets drunk and passes out then pee's the bed. (She bought two, I wanted to tell her that she needed a new boyfriend instead!)
  • I like sleeping in the wetspot! (So get our blanket, and sleep in it! It'll still save the mattress)
  • What is a wetspot? (Oh girl, your so young)
  • I never make a wetspot (He's doing it wrong ;-) jk
  • How do I make her squirt? (to which ensued a long descriptive conversation with a lesbian couple)
  • It's for when company comes (told to a single guy)
  • Keep calm, Squirt on! (Lots of chivers)
  • We are never never never, gonna share the wetspot together (Sung as Taylor swift)
  • Her: How much liquid will they hold? Me: Are you a squirter or a gusher? she blushes, Cowboy says: I'll answer the questions. Me: OK, so she's a squirter? Cowboy: I don't think that's any of your business... Let's just say we are interested in your product. (Yeah, they ended up buying one)
  • Group of drunk guys: So I can just jizz all over this? Then what happens? Me: you'll probably just fall asleep alone :-) BURN!
  • Girlfriend to pregnant girlfriend: You need that for when your water breaks!
  • OMG, you so need that
  • OMG, We so need this
  • is that the only size (4' X 5') Me: if you need a bigger one, get a second one and he can wear it like a cape!
  • So I can just pass out drunk on it and not have to get up to go pee?
  • This would be awesome for when our stinky uncle comes over and sits on the couch!
  • Can you use batteries on it? (you can use toys with batteries on it!)