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An active lifestyle doesn’t always make it easy for a man to stay fresh and clean. Inspired by modern gentlemen navigating through day to day life, Man’s World Inc. presents heavy duty wet wipes carefully created for the specific needs and varying demands of life in the new millennium.

Made out of 100% bamboo material, Man Wipes are safe, gentle and eco-friendly. Wipe yourself down as needed between showers, following mid-day lunch break workouts or when short on time to freshen up. Your secret is safe with us. As discreet and affordable commodities, Man Wipes have what it takes to make the cut.


"To say I am happy I found Man Wipes is an understatement! Man Wipes has helped me time and time again. My wife and I have regular dates nights. And often, it's right after I come off the job site. We mean to give me plenty of time, but it never works out that way, cause I have to stay late. But with Man Wipes, that's not really an issue. Man Wipes makes it so I can go from the job site to the restaurant smelling and feeling like a million bucks! I highly recommend this product."

"I'm a big fan of this product and I am a female. I use man wipes singles on the go for a quick refreshing clean feel at anytime. At night I love using Man Wipes to clean my makeup right off my face. It leaves a perfect clean feeling with no grease or smell. Highly Recommended!!"