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The Double "U" pop has the same great features as the "Double G" pop, but the curved shape of the medical grade stainless steel rod, is ergonomically designed to facilitate solo, therapeutic, exploration.

Now you can easily direct the perfect pressure and the speed yourself, making it easier than ever to identify and massage your G-Gpot!

Treat yourself some exploration tonight!


      Even if you're not G-spot aware, the "Double G" doesn't know that! Once inserted, the vagina closes around the ball, literally pulling it inside. With the small shaft, the ball also has a tendency to be held inside, unlike a dildo or vibrator that can easily be pushed out. Use a small stroking motion with pressure up towards the G-Spot. The smooth round shape will start to stimulate the erectile tissue to the point that you will be able to direct more pressure to that area, or direct your partner where it feels the best. There is also the added bonus of giving your kegel muscles a workout as you contract around the ball. This strengthening will increase the intensity of your orgasms over time.

     Two models available, the small/medium, and the medium/large. The smaller end of the S/M "Double G" pop is 27mm (1 1/16") the large end is 42mm (1 5/8"). The small end of the M/L "Double G" pop is 42mm (1 5/8") the large end is 50mm (2"). (all measurements are Diameter)

     Start with the smaller size and once your body has mastered it, move to the larger size to increase the surface area of G-Spot contact.

     The smaller end of the small/medium is also wonderful for releasing trigger points within the vaginal canal, similar to the "Therawand"

     Made from surgical grade Stainless Steel, non porous acrylic material and held together with medical grade glue. Therefore, it's completely Hypo Allergenic.

     To clean simply wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, you can also safely use your favourite toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lube for use with the "Double G" pop, for easier clean up for yourself and your toy. Silicone lube is also safe to use.

  • The small/medium is approx. 1 1/16" and 1 5/8"
  • The medium/large is approx.  1 5/8" the large end is 2"
  • Take it up a notch! While the pop is inserted, take your favourite hard vibrator or bullet and let it vibrate against the Double "U" pop shaft. This will transfer the vibrations along the shaft and inside to the ball. If the vibrator is long enough, lean it against the clitoris at the same time!
  • If you feel like you have to pee... One of the largest obstacles to overcome is turning the brain off and letting the body take over and do what it wants to do, which is ejaculate, not urinate. Just go with it. It's not pee. You're about to experience female ejaculation. Best to have a towel down, or better yet, our waterproof sex blanket!

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