Thrusting machine

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Thrust Machine ?

  • ⚡110V with plenty of cord!
  • Adjustable Speed - To change the speed, simply turn a dial to find the best setting for your pleasure.
  • ⚡Strong Suction Cups - Four suction cups allow machine tightly attached on a smooth surface.
  • You can quickly remove the base, making it handheld and more portable!
  • ⚡Quiet Love Machine- Low noise make you worry-free use the thrusting machine.
  • ⚡Discrete Shipment - Your privacy is protected. Shipping package does not reveal what’s inside.
  • ⚡Ideal for Men and Women - Works for both men and women as you can attach many types of toys with the XLR connector.
  • The attachment that is included, takes 2 AA batteries and has an adjustable vibration setting


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