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Our Story (AKA How did you come up with this!?!)

Posted by Mr. NoMoreWetSpot on 14th Feb 2014

  Once upon a time, I thought squirting was something only pornstars did. Oh sure, just like you, I knew about the wetspot. Hell, everyone knows about the wetspot! No one wanted to have to sleep in it… so and so left a huge one when “insert high school legend here” fucked her… blah blah blah, you know the scoop. Everybody has a story, or knows a friend of a friend with a story. 

      There had always been a bit of a wetspot, right from day one. Nothing serious, just something to remind you that you’d been there for a bit of fun! Then came the day, when waves of ecstasy washed away our innocence. It was on holiday actually. We were having a bit of toy fun, stimulating her g-spot, when the flood gates opened and she let go.

     I was soaked from my eyebrows to my knees. She was embarrassed, I was rock hard and it was ON! We totally trashed the other bed in our room. One for play, the other for sleeping. Great fun till we got home. 

That's when reality hit… get a towel first, get two towels. Oh shit, you’re off the towel. Oh shit, we’ve soaked through! Oh shit, we should have put a towel down… Strip the bed down to the mattress protector and change the sheets... OMG!! 

They say “Necessity is the mother of all invention”. Proof of that is the NoMoreWetSpot waterproof sex “throw”.

The result is now here! We have built a waterproof "blanket" that is quiet (not crinkly), lightweight and washable!  It's 50" X 60" inches large.

There are many applications, even for the non-squirters.

  • Have your kids reached the "accident in bed" stage? Great for potty training.
  • Bedwetting and sleepovers. If you child is a bedwetter, going on a sleepover can be a traumatic experience. If they take the blanket (it's discrete, no one has to know what it is) and have an accident, they can deal with it themselves. Take off the wet blanket, change their PJ's and go back to bed.
  • If you've watched CSI, you know what the inside of a hotel room looks like under that special light. Put our blanket down first to keep a barrier between you and what has cum before!!
  • Making love on the suede couch? No worries with the blanket down.
  • Picnicking or frolicking on the wet grass? Stay dry from the ground!
  • Starts to rain at the kids soccer game? Throw it over your shoulders and stay dry from the outside.
  • Want to let the baby play naked on the carpet? Voilà!
  • Is your dog or cat getting old and peeing on your bed? (NoMorePetSpot lol)
  • Incontinence. It happens. keep the blanket on your couch or chair to protect from accidents.
  • Messy kids in the living room.
  • Wet dog in the vehicle after a run.

If you’re a squirter/gusher or you’re having sex with one, you can skip the next bit.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is trying to find the g-spot and everyone thinks they need to squirt. I’m not going to tell you how, you’ve got Google for that shit. What I will say is “Guys, do not to make it a goal”. She has to be aroused and relaxed. Communicate with her about what is feeling good or different. If she builds to the stage where she feels like she has to pee, tell her it’s ok to let go. Just remember, careful what you wish for!!