Wanna “Squirt”?

25th Nov 2022

It seems like everybody’s talking about “squirting” do we do it?Okay,so... what we call “squirting” is female/vulva ejaculation. It’s created by the prostate gland and made of the perfect … read more
Oops, I Think I Wet the Bed!

Oops, I Think I Wet the Bed!

Posted by Leanne Million on 12th Dec 2021

“Oops , I think I wet the bed,” I said and made a mental note to wash the pillow underneath me afterwards. I was a little embarrassed but we carried on, and I was still as into it as ever, maybe mo … read more

Things we've overheard while doing the Sex Shows

Posted by Mr. NoMoreWetSpot on 20th Dec 2014

Calgary 2013. Ohhh, it's for the Lady River! Oh, it's a "fucking" blanket OMG, now you don't have to worry about making a mess! One guy in Toronto said that we should approach the CSI show … read more

Our Story (AKA How did you come up with this!?!)

Posted by Mr. NoMoreWetSpot on 14th Feb 2014

  Once upon a time, I thought squirting was something only pornstars did. Oh sure, just like you, I knew about the wetspot. Hell, everyone knows about the wetspot! No one wanted to have to sle … read more