Wanna “Squirt”?

25th Nov 2022

It seems like everybody’s talking about “squirting” so...how do we do it?

Okay,so... what we call “squirting” is female/vulva ejaculation. It’s created by the prostate gland and made of the perfect ingredients to feed sperm. All vulvas can technically “squirt” or “gush” because we have the right bits. Still, half of us have never had the experience.

First, let me just say, as a Sexuality Coach, don’t make a sexual event like “squirting” or orgasm the main focus. If you do, you lose the natural rhythm of things and create pressure. If it happens, great, if not, just have fun exploring! And remember “squirting” and orgasm are NOT the same! (See the previous article Oops – I Think I Wet The Bed to learn about the difference.)

The vaginal prostate has been denied too long. They named the area where we stimulate the prostate the “g-spot” but it’s actually more of a larger g-AREA that feels raised and ridged or bumpy. It’s 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the top/front wall. If you hook your first two fingers in a “come here” motion, touching the top or front wall of the vagina, you’ll feel it.


First, make space by emptying the bladder, because it’ll need to fill up with prostate fluid as you start to feel more aroused.

Guess what?! You DON’T need to use your fingers OR to go hard and fast to achieve results! You may have only ever seen it happen like that, BUT you can use a penis or a toy and you can stimulate it slowwwwly too. I’ve seen a toy with a bulb on the end, inserted and rubbed back and forth and rocked up and down (while rubbing the clit) work super well! Some people say slower and consistent stimulation over a longer period is more likely to result in an orgasm either before, during or after the ejaculation, and some people can only “squirt” after cumming or a LOT of arousal, and others never cum and “squirt” together.

When you’re getting close to ejaculating it feels like either the pelvic floor is trying to push out whatever is inside and/or you’ll feel like you’re going to pee. It’s THAT feeling that stops most women from experiencing a good old-fashioned “squirt” (because we don’t WANT to “pee” everywhere and have to clean it up!). Relaxing helps, bearing down like you’re peeing helps, and some describe a combo; relax into the sensation while pushing. When it feels close, pull whatever you’re using OUT and the dam will break!

If you’re helping your partner, remember to be GENTLE even if you’re opting for hard and fast. Clip nails short and/or use gloves (no scratching) and please don’t ram your knuckles into their pelvic bone! Play and explore and prepare with a nice comfy soft absorbent #NoMoreWetSpot blanket ! Much better and more comfy than plastic. Seriously, I can tell you, it’s wayyyyyy easier to relax knowing I won’t have to mop up after!

Here's a super effective toy/tool that we use here at NoMoreWetSpot

Leanne Million is an International Certified Relationship and Sexuality Coach

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