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Two sizes in one toy!

      Even if you're not G-spot aware, the "Double G" doesn't know that! Once inserted, the vagina closes around the ball, literally pulling it inside. With the small shaft, the ball also has a tendency to be held inside, unlike a dildo or vibrator that can easily be pushed out. Use a small stroking motion with pressure up towards the G-Spot. The smooth round shape will start to stimulate the erectile tissue to the point that you will be able to direct more pressure to that area, or direct your partner where it feels the best. There is also the added bonus of giving your kegel muscles a workout as you contract around the ball. This strengthening will increase the intensity of your orgasms over time. PRO TIP: Take your kegel workout, up a notch. Alone, or better yet, with a partner, pull the toy until it is almost exiting the vaginal canal. Then, draw it back in. hold onto it. Give it some resistance! You really get to focus on that core muscle group, that you're using to pull it back in, and if you're using it with a partner, they get a great view. It's a win win all around that will have you working out every night... #HungryHungryHippo style

     Two models available, the small/medium, and the medium/large. The smaller end of the S/M "Double G" pop is 27mm (1 1/16") the large end is 42mm (1 5/8"). The small end of the M/L "Double G" pop is 42mm (1 5/8") the large end is 50mm (2"). (all measurements are Diameter)

     Start with the smaller size and once your body has mastered it, move to the larger size to increase the surface area of G-Spot contact.

     The smaller end of the small/medium is also wonderful for releasing trigger points within the vaginal canal, similar to the "Therawand"

     Made from surgical grade Stainless Steel, non porous acrylic material and held together with medical grade glue. Therefore, it's completely Hypo Allergenic.

     To clean simply wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water, you can also safely use your favourite toy cleaner. We recommend water-based lube for use with the "Double G" pop, for easier clean up for yourself and your toy. Silicone lube is also safe to use.

  • The small/medium is approx. 1 1/16" and 1 5/8"
  • The medium/large is approx.  1 5/8" the large end is 2"
  • Take it up a notch! While the pop is inserted, take your favourite hard vibrator or bullet and let it vibrate against the "Double G" pop shaft. This will transfer the vibrations along the shaft and inside to the ball. If the vibrator is long enough, lean it against the clitoris at the same time!
  • If you feel like you have to pee... One of the largest obstacles to overcome is turning the brain off and letting the body take over and do what it wants to do, which is ejaculate, not urinate. Just go with it. It's not pee. You're about to experience female ejaculation. Best to have a towel down, or better yet, our waterproof sex blanket!

Shipping is discrete, in a plain brown wrapper, and it's a flat rate of $11.00 in Canada, per order!
Shipping in the Contiguous USA is a flat rate of C$13.00 (approx USD$10.25)
Shipping for the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii and all off-shore United States territories and possessions and International orders will be determined at checkout or can be estimated in the shopping cart!

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  • 5
    Double G pop

    Posted by The Moist Mattress on 20th Mar 2022

    Review: @nomorewetspot I also got a toy from the company called the “double g pop” and let me tell you if you are new to g spot stimulating or want to put the limits further then this is the toy for you. It’s crazy how simple and weird it looks but how amazing it is at the same time. The two balls are attach to a thin pole. Now the theory behind this is that the vagina closes around the rod when the ball is inserted, you then use the ball to massage your g spot and keep rubbing until you squirt all over the place. If you have never squirted before and wanted to try then this is the toy to get the fountain spraying! The best part is it doesn’t even look like a sex toy and can be mistaken as many other things so if you need to hide this in plain sight it will not be a problem. Both items can in a super discrete package and was delivered super quick!

  • 5

    Posted by Marcus on 2nd Jul 2021

    Amazing! Simply put

  • 5
    Double G Pop

    Posted by Frenchie on 23rd Dec 2019

    This toy is very much what we looking for... 2 different end sizes gives variety of level of fulfillment ;) Highly recommend for exploring one's limit mmmmm

  • 5
    double G pop

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Nov 2016

    44 years old and I have finally had a G-spot orgasm. It really works!!!

  • 5
    This blanket would stop a tsunami!!!

    Posted by Penelope on 29th Sep 2016

    We use the NoMoreWetSpot every time. And it works!!! Nothing gets past this bad boy!

  • 5
    Nothing like this out there!!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2016

    When hubby first brought this home, I was like " hell no " Lol. But after the first try I was hooked. I was already a squirter but damn talk about opening the flood gates!!! Amazing G spot orgasms...... what more can I say! Thank God for the blankets! Trust me, you'll need one to go along with toy!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2016

    Bought this toy to try something new, and I wonder how I lived without it before. I love its sleek design! I think it's the perfect size and weight.

  • 5
    High praise from Vid Vicious

    Posted by Vid Vicious on 31st Mar 2016

    Vid Vicious here .. I just wanted to thank you again and drop you a line with info on your products. Naturally the Nomorewetspot blanket did the job it promised ... however this email is more about the the Double G pop ... simple design, to be honest I didn't expect much from this toy but to my surprise and the multiple partners I've used it on .. this little gizmo is the shits!!! never did i use a toy that gave such quick and instant reactions from squirters and non squirters alike ... have brought this toy with me to several parties and when I pulled it out i always get the same reaction " what the hell you gonna do with that bar bell?" within 5 minutes girls are orgasming while not all have squirted, most do .. but every single one has totally loved the Pop .. claiming strong and multiple orgasms. I thought it important to transmit this to you