Wanna “Squirt”?

25th Nov 2022

It seems like everybody’s talking about “squirting” do we do it?Okay,so... what we call “squirting” is female/vulva ejaculation. It’s created by the prostate gland and made of the perfect … read more

10th Anniversary, 2022 blanket edition

25th Nov 2022

Well, this is quite a milestone for us at NoMoreWetSpot! 10 years! That's 1000's of mattresses saved, ten's of thousands less loads of laundry, and a whole lot of happy customers, not sleeping o … read more
Oops, I Think I Wet the Bed!

Oops, I Think I Wet the Bed!

Posted by Leanne Million on 12th Dec 2021

“Oops , I think I wet the bed,” I said and made a mental note to wash the pillow underneath me afterwards. I was a little embarrassed but we carried on, and I was still as into it as ever, maybe mo … read more

Addressing your CoVid 19 concerns

Posted by Lano on 24th Mar 2020

If you're reading this, good for you. That means that you are taking this pandemic seriously. I know I certainly am. Here's what I feel you need to know about what's going on here at NoMoreWetSpot. We … read more

Dec 2, 2018 Hurrah, CanadaPost back to work!

Posted by Lano on 3rd Dec 2018

Well, it looks like CanadaPost is back to work. We will commence shipping exclusively with them. Thanks for bearing with us!RegardsLanoNoMoreWetSpot.com855-345-6697